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"Your surfing can get better on every turn, on every wave you catch. Learn to read the ocean better. A big part of my success has been wave knowledge."

- Kelly Slater - 

This quote greatly inspires us and influences how we teach surfing. Teaching people how to surf, or how to improve their surfing, is not only going out into the sea and pushing them onto the waves. A big part of surfing is about the ocean and surf education. If you don’t know how the ocean and currents work, how the wind and swell directions influence the waves, or about the rules you should follow in the water - then you will never be able to become a good surfer. Good surfers are in harmony with the ocean and their fellow surfers. We’ll show you how!


Our goal with Semua Surfing Bali is not only to support your surfing and help you catch a few waves during your holiday in Bali. Our goal is also to teach you about the ocean and the waves, how to read them accurately, so you can not only enjoy surfing with a coach, but also in the future by yourself as well. We want to set you up to enjoy surfing for as long as you want to.


At the bottom of the page, you can find all our surf only, and surf and accommodation packages. The prices include surfboard rental, wax and rash vest. You just bring yourself, and a towel, swimwear and waterproof sunscreen.

With all our packages, you can choose between car transportation, where we will pick you up in a confortable air-conditioned minivan, or bike transportation where we pick you up with a scooter or you drive your rental bike by yourself.


Don’t forget that if you choose scooter transportation, you have to wear a helmet at all times and if you choose to ride the bike yourself, you must have a valid international driving license. Semua Surfing Bali is not liable for any injuries that may occur by scooter transportation. Surf safe, ride safe!

surf packages

 - Surf -

never try; Surfaholic

Great for first-timers or intermediate surfers who want to push their surfing skills to the next level but spend parts of their holidays chilling out at the beach or doing some sightseeing on the wonderful island of Bali.


- 5 surf sessions - 

- 2 video coachings - 

- 2 theory sessions -

Our recommendation is to take five sessions in five consecutive days, although we are flexible and can make a schedule according to your holiday plans.

€ 230,- per person with car transportation
 € 175,-  per person with bike transportation


Prices include surfboard rental, wax and rashguard.

You do want to surf more, the passion for surfing has already infested your veins or you are calling yourself a "Surfaholic" already? Well, this is the best deal you can get!

 - 8 Surf Sessions -

 - 3 Video Coachings -

 - 2 Theory Sessions -


If you want to take all eight sessions in four consecutive days you need a decent fitness level, otherwise you won't have the expected success and less fun. We would advice to have five morning and three afternoon sessions in five consecutive days.

 € 290,- per person with car transportation

 € 240,- per person with bike transportation

Prices include surfboard rental, wax and rashguard.


- Never Try Never Know - 

- Surfaholic - 

surfaris coaching kit

We feel that it always is a pain if you go on holiday and you spend time to drive around and getting lost... and... getting lost in Bali is really easy!


With our Surfaris we want to provide an exceptional Bali experience for Advanced Surfers! Dependant on the swell and tide we will go ripping at the best spots Bali has to offer!

You can let us know what spots you really want to try out and we will do our best to make it happen to bring you surfing there. Altough we cannot always promise to surf there as not every spot is working in every condition but we can promise you some amazing waves you will tell your grandchildren about!

€ 35,- per person Surfari single session

€ 65,- per person Surfari double session

€ 95,- per person Surfari tripple session

€ 25,- per person Every further session

€ 10,-  per person Add video coaching 

Prices include car transportation. Surfboard rental is not included.


The easiest way to enjoy your holiday to the fullest and combine it with surfing is our special "Semua Surfing Bali Coaching Kit". If you want to have individual and flexible holidays this is a great option to fit everything into your schedule and to have some fun time in the water!

You can create your own custom surf experience, though if you want to surf more for less money check out our packages above.

With the coaching kit you can choose dates and numbers of surf sessions competely to your liking, add Video coachings to give an extra boost to your surfing skills and/or Theory Sessions to get this extra insight into surfing.

     €35,- per Surf Session

     €15,- to add car transportation with € 5,- for every further passenger

     € 10,- to add video coaching/picture taking 

Prices include surfboard rental, rash guard and pickup with the bike/drive yourself.

- Surfaris - 

- Semua Surfing Bali Coaching Kit - 

Medewi trip

Heard of Bali’s awesomely long left-handers, but haven’t managed to find them? Looking for some secret spots without the crowded lineups? Only got 1 day free? 

Join us on one of our epic 1 day Medewi trips and make your surfing dreams come true! Departing early morning from Seminyak or Canggu/Berawa, we’ll reach the lineup in about 1 ½-2 hours. Romi, our head coach at Semua Surfing Bali and a Medewi local, will accompany you all day. Breakfast can be picked up on the way or taken at Warung Gede watching the Medewi break. For dinner it can either be had at Warung Gede or a few meters further up the beach at Bamboo Terrasse with an amazing view of the ocean.

- pick up and drop off from and to your respective accomodation (Seminyak/Canggu/Berawa) - 

- 2 Surf Sessions (aprox. 2 – 2 ½ h each) including warmup, spot explanation and theory - 

- 2 times video coaching or surf pictures -

- Local Balinese lunch cooked by Romis family! -​

We offer these incredible trips for surfers of all levels. The minimum group size is 2 and the maximum group size is 4 people. If you want to enjoy a Medewi trip with a bigger group, just let us know and we will provide a second surfcoach for quality and safety reasons.

€ 79,- per person in a group size of 2
€ 69,- per person in a group size of 3
€ 59,- per person in a group size of 4

Prices include transportation, surfboard rental, 2 surf sessions, 2 video coachings/surf pictures, balinese traditional lunch.

Not included are  booties, breakfast and dinner.

- Semua Surfing Bali Medewi Trip - 

surf and accom packages
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